Electrostatic Painting & Metal Refinishing

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Electrostatic Painting Process

Electrostat' Use of the electrostatic paint and refinishing process gives our Customers a great option for their painting and refinishing needs.This process differs from conventional spray painting by drawing the paint directly to the metal surface to be painted, thus leaving no drips, spatter or over spray. We work at your convenience - after hours or weekends, so there no disruption of your business.


Electrostat' can refinish furniture that is constantly in contact with heavy traffic, such as those in School and Office Buildings. Property Management Company's, Office Furniture, Elevator Doors, Bathroom Stall, Machinery, Chain Link Fencing, Window Mullion, File Cabinets, Check-out Counters, Produce, Meat and Dairy cases can look like new again for half the cost and, The electrostatic paint is also ideal for refinishing Equipment in Country Clubs, Hospitals, Banks, Health spas, Supermarkets, Gymnasium and Laboratories. And much much more.


Electrostatic Refinishing

electrostatic refinishing


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